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Official CDK & DKP Webstore!

I want to clear up any confusion there might be. Rather than try to explain to everyone one at a time I thought it to be easier to post here. So with that said, heres the deal.


The original website ( is now the official webstore ONLY. The webstore is hosted through which assures secure purchasing for all customers. You might notice when you type in “” or “” the web address changes to “”. This is not a mistake it is just the way that BigCartel works.


Now that is up, running, and open to the public other than redirecting to the webstore, only holds promotional images and is connected to email addresses. If you are looking for something about CDK (Canna Da Klown) then it will most likely be found on The whole point of having this website is to make it easier to find anything and everything you could possible be looking for that has to do with CDK, DKP, and all Affiliations. So again…. If you are searching for photos, videos, upcoming shows and events, or if your trying to make sure your following on every possible social networking site on the net …. You will find it all here on!


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