Grab your bundle of my album “Misunderstood Mind” and get a mystery item with your order! This bundle includes a poster featuring the “Misunderstood Mind” album artwork, a hard copy of “Misunderstood Mind”, a digital download copy of “Misunderstood Mind”, and sticker pack.

Album Track List

1. Welcome
2. Get Twisted
3. Frenemy ft. SplitFace
4. Disposable (Skit)
5. Murder Street
6. Sick Chick ft. B-Loco
7. Chaos ft. Geno Cultshit
8. Fuck With Me ft. Rob-U-Blind
9. Never Gunna
10. MisUnderstood (Interlude)
11. Dark Place
12. Laughin ft. Dekay
13. Never Gunna (Remix)

The time has come, the day is finally here and we are excited to announce the launch of Earworm Entertainment! After today Daklown Productions will turn into Earworm Entertainment. With this change comes a lot of new and amazing things including more artists, contests, new services, radio, news, projects, and more! The two largest additions are the “EwE Artist Collective” made up of independent artists working together for the love of the fans and love of the music so keep an eye on our page for upcoming projects. Speaking of Love for the music, the second large addition is the “Earworm Radio”. Streaming music from various artists from the New England area and some from beyond. Earworm Radio streams all day, everyday, and can be found on our website as well as on the TuneIn Radio app (Download from your App Store).



Want to purchase your favorite songs individually or buy the entire Misunderstood Mind album through CDBaby just CLICK BELOW! [Digital Copy Only – Physical copy available at ]

Click the picture below to purchase a physical copy (CD) of Misunderstood Mind

Click the picture below to purchase a physical copy (CD) of Misunderstood Mind

Daklown Productions & The Real CDK Present
Rules to enter are simple- –
–everyone is limited to 1 entry per day
–groups and pages DO NOT count.
–Like, Comment, and Share this post (publicly) to your timeline.

All valid entries will be recorded and three people will be the lucky winners, which then will be announced on Feburary 5th.

1st Place: CDK – Misunderstood Mind CD, Misunderstood Mind Poster, and CDK/DKP Promo Pack
2nd Place: Misunderstood Mind CD and CDK/DKP Promo Pack
3rd Place: CDK/DKP Promo Pack

So with that let the games begin and GOOD LUCK!

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The bass in the Fete was intense — good intense, but the audio quality is a little choppy but I still appreciate my homie Jaba King for getting this footage of my partner Tha Six and I opening for Twiztid in Providence. Even though we didn’t get to setup our banners and wireless mics due to unavoidable delays we still put it all out there and delivered a unique and kick ass performance to start off the Main Stage acts. Also, I want to point something out that I am not sure many are aware of. Because of the unavoidable delays all performances needed to be adjusted and what that breaks down to is all performances needed to be cut short. But, in this case Twiztid instead cut their own performance time to ensure all acts had the opportunity to perform and that, no matter how you slice it — is beyond amazing and shows me, and should show all of you, what kind of people Jamie and Paul really are. So, from me to you thank you Twiztid and thank you to all of you who continue to show love and support!! ‪#‎MuchLove‬ ‪#‎TheRealCDK‬ ‪#‎InTwiztidWeTrust‬ ‪#‎NewEnglandUnderground‬ ‪#‎ANewBreedOfKlown‬

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On February 25, following weeks of testimony and careful deliberation, the Vermont Senate made history when it voted 17-12 to pass S. 241 and send it to the House of Representatives. This bill would end Vermont’s prohibition of marijuana for adults 21 and older, creating a regulated and taxed system for marijuana production and sale.

Gov. Peter Shumlin made waves in January when, during his state of the state address, he called for the legislature to develop and pass a marijuana regulation bill in 2016. The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee and other committees responded by scheduled detailed hearings on the issue, and MPP aired a TV ad featuring former Vermont Attorney General Kimberly Cheney, which began airing in late January.

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